Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dinner With The Girls In Washington USA

Here is a really badly focused photograph of my two newest friends (both writers) and myself at dinner discussing our latest ideas and efforts in getting our manuscripts published. I am about to send out my second mini mass mailing to publishing houses around the country.

Along with my love of art, comes my natural talent and love of writing. It's interesting that through my entire life people told me over and over again that I was a writer, and each time I objected and stated that I was something other... It took me over 40 years to realize that "YES, I am a writer... that is who I am."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scandinavian Heritage Quilt & Earth-Toned Quilt

These two quilts are my latest projects. I am making them both at the same time. These are the centers of each quilt, I will be putting on the boarders this week, and then I will be doing free-motion quilting on both.

I have designed the heritage quilt by using the colors and themes of the national flags in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. If anyone would like to buy any of the quilt patterns or have a similar quilt made for themselves, please contact me.

Quilting is such a great art form because it gives such an outlet to creativity and function. My youngest child Breanna is learning to quilt, and has just finished her very first doll sized quilt. She is so proud of it.

The weather here in Washington (USA) is so gray and rainy in January and February. It can be very depressing to be indoors so much. I am finding that I am one of those people that needs plenty of sunshine, even in the snow months. Gray just does not set well with me at all.