Monday, November 19, 2012

Fuzzy Fleece Two Layered Scarves

I just made these very cute and very warm double layered tube scarves for all seven of my kids. Having exchange students has been so wonderful, and I am looking forward to making crafts with them over the holidays.

To make these scarves you will simply need 4 yards of blizzard fleece, cut it into 8, 16 inch cuts to make 8 scarves. Sew it together on the machine with a number 2 basic stitch, and tuck each end in and sew it with a zig zag stitch, and you are done. I embroidered a small symbol onto each scarf so that we could tell them apart. The total cost for all of this was $14.00, and it took about 3 hours to complete.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fuzzy Pink Stuff *puff* *puff*

Today I decided to get back on my sewing machine... after quite some time... a year or more, perhaps. As I get older, time goes by much more quickly. One year feels like simply a few weeks time these days... tick... tick... tick.

Anyway, back to my topic of making things out of pink fuzzy stuff. Today I have been sewing fluffy pink scarves and hats, which I will decorate with lace and sparkly bits tomorrow, after I make another trip to Jo-Ann's.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soap Making - Teaching My Student From Vietnam

It was a pleasure to teach my newest student Anh from Vietnam, how to do candle making and soap making.

We melted beeswax in a double boiler and added an ocean scent and an ocean spray green crayola crayon for color. We then poured the wax into a foil wrapped corning ware pan and used cookie cutters to cut out the candle shapes when it got to a rubbery consistency. We inserted the wicks while the wax was still warm and rubbery.

For the soap we grated a block of natural soap base with a cheese grater into the double boiler, we added an apple scent, and some grape juice for color. We then poured it into a silicone cake pan and set outside to cool for two hours.

This is a wonderful and easy project, and makes over half a dozen fun gifts.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Four Projects All At Once

It's been awhile since I've posted anything on my blog, but it's also been awhile since I've finished up a quilt. Some people get writer's block... I get quilter's block from time to time. This month I am working on four different projects. I am close to being finished with a really cute brown bear quilt, but I am also cutting out the squares for three other children's quilts. One featuring fairys, another kittens, and also a 50's story book design. I just can't help working on all of them at once. They are just sooooo much fun.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Friendship Quilt

Detailed patchwork, with boarders, and a story panel at the center depicting the friendship between a little girl and her dog. The batting is 100% cotton, and all materials are 100% cotton. Matching pillows or pillow cases are available upon request.

This quilt was a recent gift to my daughter on her wedding day, but if you would like me to make you one, I would be delighted. This quilt took 3 months to make. To see more photos of this quilt and others, click on my Etsy link >

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Queen Sized For Sarah

Here I am in North Carolina, the quilting capital of the USA. My Sister Sarah asked me to make her a queen sized quilt for her bedroom. It was quite a task working with that size, it was so large I couldn’t even lay it all out in my living room. This quilt was put together with 90 ten inch squares of 100% cotton. Here is a picture of it in her room. If you would like me to make you a quilt like this, you can order one by clicking onto my shop link:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Ancient Art of Batik

I studied the ancient art of Batik this summer quarter through TESC. It is an art that uses cotton fabric, decorated with melted bee & paraffin wax, and then is dipped into a dye bath or is painted with dye. Here is a cute children's picture that I created using this method.

NOTE: If you decide to try this, use only paraffin wax, and a Procyon cold water activated dye, and 100% cotton, and a canting tool. I tried RIT dye, bees wax/paraffin wax, and boiling to remove the wax. My work was ruined.